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Gender Equality Club

Activism, feminism, social justice


GEC aims to tackle gender inequalities in our school, community, country, and world. We have biweekly lessons on topics ranging from consent to the pay gap. Our club also aims to make a lasting impact through annual fundraisers, drives, and protests.

Meeting Information

Once every two weeks @ school

Time Commitment(including meetings)

1-2 hours per week.

Membership policy 

If you're looking to join GEC, just show up to a meeting! We're always happy to have new members, so don't feel shy to drop by in the middle of the year. GEC values all perspectives and opinions, and we encourage anyone to join, even if they don't identify as a feminist or are unfamiliar with the club.

Student testimonies 

"This club truly allows you to explore what you're passionate about. "Gender equality" is a broad, often-convoluted term that can really encompass whatever you want. While some students like talking about local issues, like the stigma surrounding sexual assault and comprehensive sex education, others pursue more global problems, like girls' access to education and reproductive healthcare. Members have a huge voice in this club. If they feel an issue is overlooked, they can always offer ideas for lessons, volunteering, or fundraising." 

-Emily Y.

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