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Community, advocacy, welcoming


The QSA (Queer Straight Alliance) is a mixture of a lot of different things, and it changes year to year based on the wants and needs of the members! We are always a space where people can come, be themselves, and have a fun place to hang out. Not only do we provide support and a community, like when we organized a movie night of Love, Simon, but we also work on advocacy and education. For example, in the past, we’ve made posters celebrating LGBTQ+ history month, and we’ve made and taught a lesson on “How to Be an Ally”. Our goal is to help make MIHS more inclusive!

Meeting Information

Once a week @ school

Time Commitment(including meetings)

<1 hour per week.

Membership policy 

Just show up! We don’t keep track who specific members are — a lot of our members like to be anonymous — so you can show up as often or as infrequently as you want.

Student testimonies 

"I joined this club in freshman year, and I loved it! As someone who was not out yet, it was a great place to hang out where I could fully be myself. I later became the Vice President, and now current President, and while I am now out, I still try to make it a welcoming place for anyone who needs it. We’ve done some cool things over the years; we make ribbons every year to hand out for ally week, we’ve made posters for LGBTQ+ History month, we’ve created a lesson on how to be an ally that we presented during (at the time) bridges, we organized a Love, Simon movie night for the school, and much more!"

-Percy B.

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